Please be advised if you are an existing patient currently receiving assistance from Good Days, you should have received your 2016 re-enrollment packet via US mail no later than October 22, 2015. Should you have questions once you have receive your 2016 re-enrollment packet, please review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section below for further assistance or contact us at (877) 968-7233 or via email at


Do I have to re-enroll when I just recently enrolled and was approved for assistance?
Answer: Patients that are approved during the first three quarters of the year (January-September) must re-enroll for the following calendar year to be considered for funding in the 2016 calendar year as all grants expire 12/31/2015.

Are there any specific rules I need to adhere to in order to qualify?
Answer: Patients must have valid medical insurance coverage. Please note, patients who are applying for copayment assistance must have at least 50% insurance coverage or more to be eligible for copayment assistance, excluding deductibles. Patients must have been prescribed a medication that is part of the Good Days formulary. Patients must meet our annual household income criteria.

How can I tell if my insurance is a Medicare Part D Plan?
Answer: Generally, if you are enrolled in a Medicare Prescription drug plan, then your prescription insurance is a Medicare D Plan. Additionally, if your prescription insurance is part of a Medicare plan, it will feature “Medicare” on the prescription drug card.

If my income has not changed since my last enrollment, why do I have to resend my income documents in order to re-enroll for the following calendar year?
Answer: Good Days is required to have new copies of household income documentation for each new enrollment to verify patient’s current household income and eligibility.

For income verification, do I need to send you everything you have listed for documenting household income?
Answer: No. The form states that you must send ONE of the following as proof of income. Please send the document(s) that accurately reflect the income for the household.

What is the purpose of the Authorization for Use or Release of Information form?
Answer: The Authorization for Use or Release of Information form gives Good Days permission to communicate with your provider regarding your patient assistance for the purposes of payment and therapy management.

When will I know if I am approved?
Answer: Once an application is received, Good Days has provided a toll-free number to check the status of your application. Please feel free to call 877-968-7233. (It is the responsibility of the patient to ensure Good Days receives a re-enrollment application to process for 2016 eligibility. Receipt of completed paperwork does not guarantee funding availability for the following calendar year. You may call the same number after 1/1/2016 to check funding availability for the 2016 calendar year.)

If awarded funding, when will my grant expire?
Answer: Good Days Assistance Programs run from the date of funding approval through the remainder of the calendar year or upon exhaustion of funding.

If I order my medication prior to funding being available, will Good Days be able to reimburse me the amount I paid prior to being awarded a grant?
Answer: Good Days can only begin assistance after funding has been awarded. If medication is purchased prior to funding availability, Good Days will not be able to reimburse the patient for the out-of-pocket cost.