Everett Winters was enjoying what he thought would be a long and healthy retirement when he started to feel unwell on the golf course. The fatigue, dizziness, and thirst led him to assume the problem was simple dehydration. When rest … Continue reading

When it comes to the most common and most prevalent chronic diseases (i.e., diabetes, high blood pressure, and many heart diseases), the diagnosis process is fairly straight-forward. “The big problem with the major chronic diseases is people don’t understand that … Continue reading

Chronic disease can be a burden in many ways, causing pain for the patient, stress for family and friends, and financial pressure on the national healthcare system. For many chronic conditions, like diabetes and hypertension, there are very effective medications, … Continue reading

When I became the Executive Director of Good Days from CDF in 2014, I knew I had the opportunity to make a difference. As it stands, our health care system does not offer enough aid to low-income patients struggling with … Continue reading

When you hear the words multiple sclerosis, what comes to mind? Wheelchairs? Slurred speech? Richard Pryor in a sadly disabled state? If that’s your vision of the disease, it’s time you had an update. The Change It’s true that multiple … Continue reading