My family is the highlight of my life, the joy in my every day, and my motivation for moving forward at times when I don’t think I can keep going. I remember laying in the hospital at the onset of … Continue reading

The first few days after learning you have a chronic disease are the hardest – you feel shocked, angry, confused, and worst of all, unsure where to go from here. This was not something you prepared for physically, financially, or … Continue reading

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Texas, right after cardiovascular disease. This wicked illness is the root cause of intense emotional and physical pain on both patients and families. Not only do residents of the Longhorn State … Continue reading

Let’s face it, when you live with a chronic disease, some days are just harder to get through than others. At times, feelings of isolation and the uncertainty of your circumstances weigh heavy.  You may feel hesitant to seek constant … Continue reading

Being middle class in America is not always what it’s cracked up to be. Just ask Donna McCarty. She and her husband Frank did everything “right” when it came to planning for retirement. Her job as a director and teacher … Continue reading