Leading the way forward, with our patients in mind

Our Board of Directors

Hon. Glen M. Ashworth, Board Chairman
Glen Ashworth is a graduate of the University of Texas and the University of Texas School of Law. A former elected district attorney, he presided as the district judge of the 86th District Court of Texas for 22 years. He is a member of JAMS (formerly Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services), a national provider of alternative dispute resolution services, where he mediates and arbitrates complex business and commercial disputes. Over the course of his career, Judge Ashworth has earned a reputation of unwavering fairness and balance. In addition to his long list of accomplishments, he also manages a cattle and ranching business in East Texas.



Gary Barton, M.B.A., Treasurer and Finance Chair
Gary Barton brings 20 years of expertise in financial services and mortgage banking, including holding executive leadership roles in business management and sales with Wells Fargo and Citigroup. Gary’s proven business acumen, strategic perspective, and analytical skills lend themselves to his role on Good Days’ Board of directors. With a Masters in Business Administration, Gary graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Texas at Dallas. Gary is an active member in his community helping families thrive and engaging children in youth sports.  



David L. Levine, M.D., FACEP, Trustee
David Levine is the Vice President of Informatics & Medical Director at University Health System Consortium (UHC). Dr. Levine’s area of expertise includes risk adjustment and clinical analytics, clinician engagement, and data evaluation and assessments. Dr. Levine received his M.D. from Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago, Illinois and is officially certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Additionally, Dr. Levine serves as the Adjunct Professor of Medical Informatics at the School of Continuing Studies, Northwestern University, and the Assistance Professor of Emergency Medicine at Rush Medical School. 



Seth Kamber, Trustee
Seth Kamber is the President and Founder of Barking Dog Technologies, providing reliable consulting services to small- and mid-size businesses. Seth offers a valuable and unique perspective on business operations by combining technology, sales and marketing into a cohesive system that drives corporate growth and increased revenue. Through his extensive experience, Seth brings advanced fundraising skills and program implementation competence to the Good Days’s Board of Directors. A graduate of the University of Denver, he is also an active participant and advocate for The Friendship Circle, an organization serving to support children with special needs and their families. 



Our Staff

Clorinda Walley, Executive Director & Ex Officio Board Member
Clorinda Walley leads the charity with more than 18 years of experience in the healthcare industry and over 6 years in strategic philanthropy. She effectively oversees the strategic and operational responsibility for the staff and programs for Good Days, as well as the expansion and execution of its mission. With in-depth knowledge of the organization’s core programs, operations and business plans, Clorinda ensures the organization’s programmatic excellence. With her proven expertise, Clorinda has continuously ensured consistent quality of finance and administration, procurement of donations, internal and external communications and development of all patient care initiatives. 



Peggy Foley, Senior Director of Marketing
Peggy Foley has more than 25 years of experience in the marketing and communication industries, with expertise in cause-related branding and public fundraising. During her time with Good Days, Peggy has branded and launched the organization’s primary fundraising initiatives. Heading the efforts to raise more public awareness of chronic diseases, her commitment has led to notable increased support for the programs Good Days provides for patients. Peggy is also responsible for creating and producing The Exchange – CDF’s unique addition to the Patient Assistance conference scene—designed to provide exceptional educational and business networking opportunities with thought leaders and peers throughout the healthcare industry.



Tricia Freels, PHR, Sr. Director, Human Resources
Tricia Freels is a certified professional in human resources for Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy. With more than 15 years of experience, she has effectively led numerous corporate initiatives and is known for creating highly effective employee-relations practices. Along with her extensive experience in the Specialty Pharmacy industry, she has profound knowledge in the areas of strategic management, organizational development, overseeing organizational leadership and culture, and ensuring compliance with employment laws. Tricia is additionally skilled in mergers and acquisitions, talent management, succession planning and diversity and inclusion initiatives. A graduate of University of North Texas with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, Tricia’s current focus is on organizational behavior and human resource management.